YES.. we make same day glasses! Whether you are replacing a broken or lost pair or you just want a quick pair of glasses, LensMasters can help. Call us for details at (805) 934-4801.

We make this happen using our state-of-the-art lens manufacturing equipment.

The in-house lab at the LensMasters of Orcutt allows us to produce your eyeglass lenses with total control over the lens shaping process. The equipment below is just a few of the devices that we employ to create eyewear custom made for your needs. We invite you to contact us or stop by to see how advanced capabilities of LensMasters of Orcutt can help with your vision needs.

Gerber Coburn – Eclipse Lens Blocking System – our lab technicians utilize this machine to attach a block mechanism to the lens to begin the process of cutting the curves into the lens.

Gerber Coburn – SPX Plus Digital Lens Generating System – essentially a grinder, this machine uses a 9 flute, tungsten-carbide blade to cut the curve into the lens. Precise curvatures and thicknesses are achieved using this machine so we can deliver a consistent product to our customers.

Gerber Coburn – Acuity Digital Fining and Polishing System – these two machines finalize the curve after they receive the lens in rough cut form from the SPX Generator. Through a series of fining and polishing the curves become crisp and clear where they go to quality inspection and await the edging phase.

AIT – Combimax Digital Patternless Edging system – this machine helps us to digitally measure and record the shape of the eyeglass frame. This frame shape data is then transferred to the Maxima for final edging.

AIT – Maxima Digital Lens Edging System – this is the machine we use to form (or cut) the prescription lens blank into the shape of the frame. This is nearly the last stage in the process before we insert the lenses into the eyeglass frame.