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Why Wear Polarized Lenses?

Ordinary tinted sun lenses merely darken what you see and mask the real problems of glare. Polarized lenses are designed to conquer glare. Water, snow and even pavement create glare that not only blurs vision but also causes squinting, eye fatigue and even impaired acuity.

Polarized lenses contain a powerful polarizing filter that eliminates 99% of horizontal glare and provides 100% UV protection.

They allow just the right amount of light to enter the eye to enhance peak visual acuity.

Polarized lenses virtually eliminate the problems of reflected glare. Color perception is more accurate and natural than with other sun lenses.

The result: the eye functions in perfect balance, reducing fatigue and eyestrain.

Illustrations courtesy of KBco

Corning SunSensors Plastic Photochromic Technology

Molecules in all plastic photochromic lenses lose their darkening and lightening ability due to UV exposure. Corning’s 30+ years of photochromic innovation has culminated in SunSensors in-mass technology, in which the photochromic molecules are distributed evenly throughout the lens material. As UV degrades some molecules, others replace them, providing a longer lasting, more consistent color over the life of the prescription.

How Photochromic Eyeglass Lenses Work

The result of years of research and development, today’s photochromic lenses are the product of highly sophisticated technologies.

In its most basic form, a photochromic lens changes color because of a chemical reaction. When someone wears photochromic lenses outside, exposure to UV causes the lenses to darken. Indoors, at night, or on cloudy days there isn’t as much UV to cause the chemical reaction. Therefore, the lenses remain relatively clear.

Benefits Of An Anti-reflective Coating On Eyeglasses

Look More Natural While Enhancing Your Appearance Reflections off the front of your eyeglasses can make it difficult for people to see your eyes. Anti-reflective (AR) coatings make eyeglass lenses virtually invisible so the focus is on you and not the distracting reflections from your surrounding environment.

Safer Night Driving

Reflections from lights at night can be distracting-particularly those off your eyeglasses. AR Coatings virtually eliminate those reflections so you can focus on driving, not reflections. Further, to drive safely at night you need all the light possible. AR Coatings increase the amount of light transmitted through eyeglasses–a welcome addition to nighttime vision.

The lens on the left is AR coated the one on the right is not.

Reduces Eye Strain

Reflections from your eyeglass lenses (often called ghost images) can contribute to eye fatigue. By eliminating those bothersome reflections, your eyes can actually feel better. This is of particular help for activities or occupations that require a high percentage of visual involvement, such as using a computer, or in environments where there are numerous sources of light, such as offices with outside windows, desk lamps and overhead fluorescent lighting.

Increased Visual Acuity

AR Coatings allow more light to reach your eyes, which increases contrast and clarity. This means you actually see better-particularly in low light situations.